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Keynote Speaking

Since Falling into Now was released in October of 2017, it has, and I have, received a fair amount of media attention. I think that this is because of the uniqueness of my story: I’m a former Olympian, the survivor of a severe Traumatic Brain Injury, and I completed a MA and a PhD degree after sustaining the injury. Because I researched head injury for both degrees, each study provides a unique look – the researcher is also a survivor – at the experiences of survivors of head injury.

My interesting past has led me to be invited to speak at a number of events, which are listed below. I’m available for further speaking engagements. There are lots of possibilities to include my story: it can inspire and provide hope for many, both within and beyond the realm of head injury.

Looking for a guest speaker? To inquire about speaking engagements, please email me HERE


Invited Speaking Engagements

• Smith, C. (2019, March). Concussion and Sport: Facts, laws, & guidelines. Keynote Speaker. March for Concussion, Ottawa, Ontario.

• Smith, C. (2019, March). Falling into Now: (re)Composing my Life. Guest Speaker. Women’s Initiative Network of Renfrew County, Pembroke, Ontario.

• Smith, C. (2019, March). Falling into Now: (re)Composing my Life. Guest Speaker. Brockville Newcomers Club, Brockville, Ontario.

• Smith, C. (2018, October). Falling into Now: (re)Composing my Life. Keynote Speaker. Canadian Pony Club National Quiz, Ottawa, Ontario.

• Smith, C. (2018, April). Falling into Now: (re)Composing my Life. Keynote Speaker. Equestrian Canada Annual Convention, Ottawa, Ontario.

• Smith, C. (2016, June). Life’s Shifting Perspectives. Keynote Speaker. Brockville YMCA Community Celebration, Brockville, Ontario.

• Smith, C. (2015, November). Loving my Now. Keynote speaker. Brockville Women’s Network, Brockville, Ontario.

• Smith, C. (2015, September). Loving my Now. Guest Speaker. Brain Injury Awareness Night. University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario.

• Smith, C. (2015, September). The wonderful, accessible D.B. Green pool. Keynote Speaker. Brockville YMCA Donor Luncheon, Brockville, Ontario.

• Smith, C. (2013, September). Healing after loss: Who I am becoming. Keynote Speaker. Brain Injury Association of Canada 2013 Annual Conference, Kingston, Ontario.

• Smith, C. (2012, June). Pieces of the puzzle: Stories of a life before, during, and after Head Injury. Keynote Speaker. 4th Annual Ottawa Brain Injury Awareness Day.


Media Recognition