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Couldn’t put it down!

Falling Into Now brought me to tears more than once. It is an amazing story of rediscovery and determination. From the first pages you are brought solidly into Claire’s world, and you move with her through every challenge and every triumph – and there are many! Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of this book is how softly the lessons are taught to you. Lessons of awareness, acceptance, and inclusiveness. This book will stay with you.


A Story of Inspiration

Falling into Now is such a compelling read! Claire’s courage, fortitude and single-minded focus in the face of such devastating and life-changing challenges is evident on every page. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a story of inspiration told with intelligence and honesty.

This book is for everyone.

This book is not just about horses. It’s relatable to all as it winds through the experiences of belonging and not belonging, loss and change, fear and triumph. I am very impressed by the way Claire wrote about all aspects –personal and general- but also by her clear,easy to understand way of explaining delicate situations. Claire is an inspired writer!

Bob S.,Holland

I really ENJOYED the book Falling Into Now by Claire Smith 

I met Claire and Michael  on Holiday in Portugal  albeit very briefly so I knew somewhat of her predicament. I now understand a lot more about Dystonia (to a degree) after reading the book , which I confess I didn’t before as I had not heard of it. CONGRATULATIONS  to Claire for a book that was  not only  a good read  but was insightful  into the life of someone with a severe brain injury, all the obstacles in her way AND that there was light at the end of the tunnel finally, for  those reading it and going through the same type of injury.

Claire had a long and painful journey but came out of it the other end with the massive help of her parents, Michael and all those marvelous friends and professionals along the way. I can now picture her in her study  in Gilnockie then with Lily  (so sad to lose a much loved pet) and  now with Annie by her  side ?. It sounds like  a lovely place.

Christine B, England

So much more than a horse story!

I was initially attracted to this book because of my love of horses. But I quickly discovered it’s about so much more. The author’s heartfelt and revealing story drew me in immediately. In fact, there was a mystery element from the very beginning. As an elite athlete, the author’s sporting life came to a crashing and life-threatening end in 1997. It’s a compelling story told from her own point of view as well as from her parents’ perspectives. Ultimately it’s an uplifting story about a woman’s determined journey in creating a new and fulfilling life for herself.


This is a story of determination and persistence, despite facing incredible odds. An inspiring tale told with grace and optimism.


Well done

This book was very well written and easy to read. It described a livelong passion in just enough detail to really understand the devastation that the fall caused in the authors life. The journey to find her new purpose was inspirational to all of us who read this story


A Reflection for All of Us

Claire Smith’s account of her journey back from traumatic brain injury as a result of a sport-related injury could be seen as just that — a case study in recovery. Thanks to some introspection and a gift for reflection, this book is a reminder for all of us that we can evolve and grow into something that we don’t expect. It’s a wonderful read that reminds us all that the ability to re-adjust one’s thoughts and feelings is a helpful skill no matter what we’re experiencing life.



Claire’s book captures so eloquently the challenges faced when life shifts unexpectedly. As a person living with Parkinson’s I could easily relate to those moments when you have to choose the path to follow – either self pity or courageous determination. Claire take us down her paths and we get to see how she selected those paths that led her to where she is today. Truly inspiring.



Claire Smith has written a case study of her eventful life both prior to and after an equestrian accident at a horse show. It will have special appeal to anyone who has had a life-threatening accident and has had to adjust their life to what happened. In similar circumstances each person has to select their own path based on the prevailing opportunities and how the person responds to them. Aside from the medical treatment Claire discovered a series of opportunities that lead her to study and attain a Masters and Doctorate degree, become an author, and then devote her time to assisting others who have experienced similar setbacks.

Aside from medical treatment, the support of family and friends as well as teachers and fellow students were vital ingredients to mapping out a route to recovery. At times the road taken may lead to a dead end, but what Claire shows is that the person has to persevere and be prepared to change course when confronting a brick wall, or when medical including physical changes occur.

Claire had the close support of her parents and family, and by setting her sights on pursuing then available opportunities was able to plan and achieve a series of goals that has given her a rewarding, although restricted, lifestyle.

The book is a mix of autobiography and case study. Carefully written and edited, it is a remarkable account of what can happen and how success can be achieved from a wholly unexpected turn of events. I was especially struck by way in which both horses and dogs can provide therapy in such circumstances. Some of the chapters are written by her mother and father, which adds to the authenticity of the tale.


Truly inspiring!

I met Claire at Ottawa U when she first began her Master’s. I had always known she was a very special person, but now having read her book, wow! I knew very little of life prior to Ottawa U. Now I feel I know Claire so much better, and she is even more special that I ever knew. The book is inspirational, an absolutely wonderful read. Claire is inspirational and a truly wonderful person. I have purchased another copy to give to the daughter of my dear friend who passed away last December. She is going through some very difficult times and also has horses and competes in the same events as Claire but not at such an elite level. I am certain this book will help her through this difficult time and Claire’s memoir will inspire her to push through.


A Page Turner

I’ve just finished reading this book and must admit I had a hard time putting it down. After the author has a life altering accident at the European Three Day Event Championships she takes the reader on a journey of her resulting struggle with loss, recovery, and the search for a new identity. I think both riders and non riders alike will be captivated by this inspiring memoir.



Falling Into Now is a memoir that will pull at your heart. Such a touching and inspirational story of someone who speaks honestly of life after loss. I could not put the book down while I followed along on her journey of discovery, self acceptance and the love and devotion a family has for one another.


She has a winner with this book

It’s not just a horsy tale. It’s well written, easy to read, brutally honest and an informative memoir.

One very interested and avid fan

A must read

I could not put this book down! It is so much more than a story about horses, although I loved that part…it is the story of a young woman’s courage. Following a traumatic brain injury Claire Smith was faced with a lengthy recovery and if that was not enough, she had to reevaluate her life and make some major decisions. It is a compelling story told extremely well. I highly recommend it.


Couldn’t Put It Down

The author’s pursuit of excellence before and after her devestating accident is inspirational. The book is a seamless read about the courage it takes to “pivot” from her ideal world to a new unknown life. Told with truth, grief, grace and hope.


This book is for everyone

This book is not just about horses. It’s relatable to all as it winds through the experiences of belonging and not belonging, loss and change, fear and triumph. It teaches that we don’t have to be defined or limited by some of our life experiences. We can all strive to reach such self awareness, understanding and inner peace.



I finished your book this morning! It was amazing. I was not surprised of course, as you completely conquer anything you ever put your mind to.  You are an extremely talented writer and I eagerly await your next book!



The cover of the book intrigued me. When I picked it up and read the inside flap, I knew that I had to read the whole memoir. I was not disappointed. The author has composed an uplifting read. I marveled at her resilience and courage in the face of emotional devastation and tremendous challenges. I’m planning to give it to everyone in my family at Christmas!



“Nov 12 – I’m reading – Falling Into Now – written by Claire Smith . Although I have known Claire since she was a young girl, I am enthralled with this book that is so revealing, sincere and filled with insight into her life development. What a journey. It is very difficult to put it down and get on with necessary tasks.

Nov 13 – I have just finished the book . Tears of sadness for all that Claire Smith has had to endure mixed with tears of joy at what she has become ! I have to write here because I have been left speechless (A condition that not too many of you have experienced with me).”



“Your book gave me insight to what your life was like then and now. You’ve accomplished so much and perseverance shines through. Thank you for your honesty in sharing your story. You are a role model for me.”


Falling Into Now by Claire Smith

This is a wonderful book that will inspire and encourage anyone who is facing unexpected challenges. Claire was totally focused on achieving excellence in equestrian competition including the Atlanta Olympics. Then, suddenly, she falls off her horse into unconsciousness in a UK competition just as her career was taking off. When she emerges from hospital and rehab she pushes herself to pick up where she left off. Like many of us,she cannot bring herself put aside her longstanding goals. She tries again and again to pick up where she left off. . Finally, she accepts reality and reinvents herself earning first a masters and then a phd. As if that is not enough, she starts to have problems walking. The diagnosis is Dystonia. Forced to use a wheelchair and a brace on her affected leg, she moves on into a superb writing career, participates in community activities, and builds an active life in new ways. . Any of us who wants to give up in the face of not one but a series of severe setbacks should feel encouraged by this book There seems to be no end to Claire’s courage and positive attitude. I encourage everyone to read this book and keep it accessible for those days when we run out of motivation. Forging ahead in new directions should be something we all try to do. Follow Claire into our own versions of NOW.



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